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Parkway South W3 Winner - AIS Media, Inc.

Atlanta's "Non-Stop to the World"

Parkway South is a 2,500 thoroughfare located along South Fulton Parkway, connected directly to Atlanta's major interstates and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – a “Non-Stop to the World”.

Parkway South offers a unique opportunity for investors, developers, or corporations to locate or develop on. Over 2,000 acres within Parkway South are part of an Opportunity Zone within Union City and allows for Job Tax Credits of up to $3,500 per job created for five years, making Parkway South an ideal location for businesses.

The objective

Parkway South partnered with AIS Media to develop a results-driven interactive marketing strategy that would effectively increase market awareness, educate potential investors, developers and corporations about the unique exclusive advantages of the property and drive demand for what represents the final parcel of the opportunity zone and job tax credit land available in all of Union county.

Our approach

Parkway South Job Tax CreditsThrough close collaboration with Parkway South’s marketing and public relations team, AIS Media developed a highly engaging interactive website that concisely communicates the unique benefits and advantages of the Opportunity Zone and Job Tax Credits to developers and corporations that might consider a south-side location. The website’s visual design and straight-forward navigation is specifically aimed to appeal to its target audiences of corporate decision makers, investors, and brokers. The marketing message also complements Parkway South's print advertisements. Performance data to the website was tracked, analyzed and reported back to the Parkway South marketing team to demonstrate the effectiveness of both the traditional and online marketing campaign.

The result

With clearly defined goals for leveraging public relations to elevate Parkway South’s market awareness and a multi-channel marketing strategy to drive website performance, ParkwaySouth-ATL.com launched to significant accolades, winning a W3 Award. More importantly, the website achieved a 546.15% increase in traffic within 30 days of launch.